There are more than 2 billion underbanked / financially underserved people in the world currently unable to make digital POS payments at scale, while spending trillions in USD per annum using cash. Additionally, without ubiquitous digital payment channels, it is unfeasible for the banking / payments industry to provide them with value adding financial services such as micro loans, insurance etc.


KINEKT is a Payments Enabling Platform + Virtual Terminal Solution, that provides Banks and 3rd Party Payment Companies with a means to gain low cost access to underbanked markets at scale, whilst being significantly Cheaper, Safer and Simpler for Merchants and Customers to use than market related alternatives.


KINEKT makes this possible by way of "Dial-To-Pay" Codes uniquely issued to each Point of Sale. This allows for a QR Code-like payment functionality, but using voice / sms (text) channels instead of the internet = thereby enabling payments ACROSS handsets, ACROSS Networks, WITHOUT internet in just 2 steps!

The World’s 1st Dial-to-Pay Virtual Terminal!


*Underbanked, Banked & Cryptocurrency Payments

*Works ACROSS handsets, ACROSS Networks, WITHOUT Internet

*Low to ZERO Cost, Secure, Simple 2-Step Payments at Scale

Patents Pending

The global point of sale market continues to be served by terminals with significant functional, security and cost related problems, including the following;

1. High roll-out, maintenance and transaction fees.

2. Under-banked mobile money users are excluded.

3. Closed loop payments = market is fragmented.

4. Continued use of bank card credentials = fraud.

5. Cryptocurrency wallet payments are excluded.

6. Don't work across handsets, and require internet.

KINEKT provides a solution to ALL of these problems!


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